The Establishment’s Court Jester

Jon Stewart, that objective, hard-hitting, better-than-anyone-on-Fox-News personality smugly dismisses any protestations of the way Benghazi was handled - including the fallen diplomats’ and Navy Seal’s family members - as right-wing lunacy meant to derail a heroic leader, supposedly standing tall in the corridors of history. Okay, so let’s just ignore the “It’s all YouTube’s fault” PR spin, real-time drone footage, cable leaks, and secret emails. Let’s ignore the hole blown in the outpost’s compound, the evacuation of the Red Cross and other Western diplomats, and the series of terror attacks that took the city by storm in the run-up to the 9/11 seige of the embassy. Let’s ignore Hillary’s career-killing outburst and pretty much anything else that gets in the way of Stewart’s pompous, self-assuring narrative. Newsflash: The Senate Intelligence Committee, including Obama’s usual cheerleaders in the Democratic Party, found that Benghazi was entirely preventable. Fuck you, Jon Stewart, for pretending to be some great, disinterested, straight-shooting “every man” who only cares about the facts.



(Source: The Atlantic)

Real Libertarians Don’t Have a Problem with Non-Free-Market-Entities Buying Off the Government and Using it to Oppress Us!

Some of my fellow free-market capitalists are flustered that Glenn Beck, of all people, has a problem with Google cozying up to the militarily-industrial-complex to assemble robot armies that will probably storm into towns all over the world, start firing lasers indiscriminately, and killing everything in sight. Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it doesn’t help that Google, when you sign up for its email services and the like, knows pretty much everything about you - where you live, where you work, what you read, what sites you visit.. the content of your emails. That makes it even easier for NSA dirtbags to sponge up about as much of your confidential information as they can.

And if these robots are sporting Google Glass-like technology, it’s all too likely they’ll be able to sync that with face recognition, friends you network with online, fingerprint-scanning, and much more. The head of Google’s AI Department wants to recreate his father and make himself immortal. And then you have them teaming up with NEST to put futuristic thermostats in your home that monitor your water and electricity usage, turn themselves on, off, up, down and sideways, and can probably watch you in your sleep. Are you telling me libertarians should just look the other way? Glenn Beck isn’t having it.

B is For “Bipartisanship.” S is For “Surrender.”

For all their tough-talking bravado about noninterventionists “appeasing the enemy” and subscribing to the philosophy of “unconditional surrender” - buzz phrases meant to delegitimize any concerns about borderline megalomania on the part of the Pentagon and military-industrial-complex - Republicans sure are quick to buckle under pressure when it comes to domestic policy. I guess it’s just deflection - a cover for their own insecurities. After all, 166 “reasonable centrists” in the GOP just co-conspired with Democrats - the Party of Government - to increase spending in excess of $1 trillion to fund early indoctrination programs in the form of Head Start, more money for the FBI to tag people (like cattle) before they exercise their constitutionally-guaranteed rights to buy firearms, and take money that might otherwise be devoted to private medical research, and re-route it to the NIH’s lesser, more politicized version.

Republicans sure like to banter about how French people are a bunch of weak-kneed surrender monkeys, but, currently, their leadership, on key issues, represents that like no other. No wonder actual conservatives are primarying liberal concern trolls masquerading as conservatives - folks like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and the rest of these dorks. And in case Karl Rove frantically scribbles the word “electable” on his little white board to remind us of how foolish nominating litmus-tested “purists” is, just remember that the Establishment lost us 11 seats in the Senate, compared to the Tea Party’s three - who only lost because of the media’s meltdown over them ever being born. No wonder, too, that Justin Amash has formed an invite-only caucus to challenge the Republican Study Committee, which started out as a rebellious group of true-believing patriots but was quickly hijacked by John Boehner’s bought-and-paid-for front men. 

In a world where jobless benefits are treated as a Holy Sacrament that only a heartless Social Darwinist could oppose, conservatives need to make an effective case for voluntary solutions, free markets, and self-reliance - not constantly buckle under pressure like the Party of Moral Default they’ve become.

(Source: thinksquad, via sunnyanarchism)